If you’re planning on hosting a baby shower, either for yourself, a family member or friend, we’ve got some great tips to make it go as easy and stress-free as possible.

Firstly, decide who will host the shower – will you do it alone or with a friend? Next decide where you’ll have it – at home, outside or in a restaurant.

The best time to hold the event is usually a month or two before the due date, but it’s not unknown to hold it after the baby’s arrival, in which case allow a month after the baby comes home.

Decide on a guest list – will it be couples or women only? Contact close family and friends for a list of people who should be invited, or if it’s not a surprise ask the mum-to-be.

Buy decorations and any items you might need if you decide to have some games. Don’t forget to buy paper plates, plastic cutlery and glasses, etc to make cleaning up afterwards easy.

Plan the menu – chose finger foods if possible or at least foods that can be prepared in advance so you don’t get too stressed out on the day….and don’t forget to order a cake.

And most importantly… ENJOY the day!

If you’re planning on hosting a baby shower
Decide on a baby shower guest list